The brand echoes for the beauty of Pomone, goddess of the vegetable world, whose white marble statue watches over gardens of the Castle of Canon.
This elegant building from the 18th century is located in Norman Pays d’Auge, the region of the origins of the brand creator, and bucolic haven of peace near the prestigious coast city of Deauville.

Vegetable world blooms in the gardens enclosed by tall walls of clear stone capturing the sun’s rays. These open-air greenhouses offer a conservatory of biodiversity inspiring the formulas for POMONE skincare products.

The brand creator has conceived the first products around the virtues of the apples that are so prevalent in Norman Pays d’Auge and in the lands of the Castle.

POMONE is also the story of a meeting with the family lineage that remains the owner of the domain of Canon since its construction in 1768, and who has been charmed by the POMONE brand project.

Chateau de Canon Pays d'Auge