As specialist in Beauty branch and also a chemical engineer, Florence Sellin has created an authentic and natural cosmetic brand, POMONE.

POMONE integrates the most recent discoveries of science and cosmetology in sensual formulas.
POMONE arose from the will to offer women skincare products of high quality with moderate prices. It is made possible by the products conception expertise of the founder, developed within major international cosmetic groups. Having met various visions of beauty, from France to South America, the founder is convinced that beauty is all encompassing. She aspires to bring a cosmetic answer to every age of life far beyond the normal market reach.
The conservatory of biodiversity, offered by the closed gardens of the Castle of Canon, inspires the choice of POMONE’s active ingredients.
The POMONE formulas exclude parabens, phenoxyethanol, silicones and mineral oils.
Floral, fresh and green fragrance of POMONE skincare products evokes the gardens of the Castle and gives a feeling of bucolic escape. It has been conceived by a perfumer of the city of Grasse, with Ecocert and natural raw materials.
Sober packaging and sophisticated decors relate to the beauty of the Pomone goddess. The logo is directly inspired from the goddess. White carton boxes remind the brightness of the walls of the enclosed gardens and the feeling of the stones.
The creator can count on reliable associations with a network of professionals and experts that has been developed throughout her professional experience dedicated to beauty and cosmetics.

Authenticity of the brand invokes an echo for the history of the Castle of Canon, built by  Jean-Baptiste Elie de Beaumont, a close friend of Voltaire.

Products are made in France. The manufacturing is fully realized and controlled in France in selected production sites to offer all quality and safety guarantees.

Florence Sellin, spécialiste Cosmétique et ingénieur chimiste